Additional Services

  • In-Home Consultation - If you are near the New Castle, Pennsylvania Area, in-home consultations are available for a small fee.
  • On-Call Support - You will have access to unlimited call's with me during the first night of the sleep plan. This premium upgrade includes 2 additional phone calls for the duration of the sleep plan.
  • Additional Week of E-mail Support - If you feel like you’re still in need of guidance after the completion of your plan, this is a fantastic option. Let’s continue our daily e-mail correspondence for another week. Same rules apply. You may e-mail as frequently as necessary and I will respond once a day within 24 hours M-F.
  • Siblings - Is it time to get everyone sleeping? I offer at 25% discount when working on multiple sleep plans for one household.
  • Multiples - It can be done! For a small additional charge, we’ll teach all the babies independent sleep skills.
  • Refresher - Sometimes you just need a refresher! New problems arise and babies face setbacks. Let’s tackle these challenges together. We will have a one-hour video chat or phone call to tailor your current sleep plan and/or discuss new issues.
  • Well-Checks - One, 20-minute quarterly phone call for one year after sleep plan is completed.

Baby’s sleep changes frequently during the first several years of life. Purchase four 20-minute check-ins so that we can keep your baby’s sleep on track.

When purchased at the same time as a sleep package, I’ll follow up with you once every 3 months for the first year after completing your child’s sleep plan. You may also choose to reach out at any time during the first year (Limited: four calls).

Note: Well-checks cover changes due to age and developmental milestones only. If issues go beyond typical development a full-package will need to be purchased. If necessary, the well-check fee can be transferred towards the purchase of your new sleep package.

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